Underground Cellar Wine Claims Portal

  • Program Overview: This is a time-limited program for customers to reclaim wine orders and utilize credits, gift cards, etc. due to the bankruptcy of Phoeno Wine Company Inc. and Underground Enterprises Inc. For a full review of the court-approved terms & conditions in the fulfillment notice, click here.
  • The wind-down process is conducted in three stages.
    • [EXPIRED] Stage 1: Customers with specific, available bottles associated with their UC account could submit claims to repurchase them for a 21% fee as mandated by the Sale Order. Stage 1 concluded on Dec 14, 2023.
    • [EXPIRED] Stage 2: Customers with missing bottles, expired accounts, gift cards, and non-wine items were able to repurchase for 21% of the value paid and apply it to bottles of wine. Stage 2 commenced on Dec 15, 2023 and concluded on Jan 23, 2024.
    • [EXPIRED] Stage 3: On January 24, 2024 remaining bottles became available at liquidation prices. Stage 3 concluded on May 27th, 2024.
    • [ACTIVE] Remaining orders are currently shipping through June 10th, 2024. Any orders not shipped (typically due to unavailable bottles) will be refunded at that time.
  • Contact Information: First, please review our FAQ. Further questions or assistance - contact support@wineclaimsportal.com.