Underground Cellar Wine Claims Portal

  • Program Overview: This is a time-limited program for customers to reclaim wine orders and utilize credits, gift cards, etc. due to the bankruptcy of Phoeno Wine Company Inc. and Underground Enterprises Inc. For a full review of the court-approved terms & conditions in the fulfillment notice, click here.
  • The wind-down process is conducted in three stages.
    • [EXPIRED] Stage 1: Customers with specific, available bottles associated with their UC account could submit claims to repurchase them for a 21% fee as mandated by the Sale Order. Stage 1 concluded on Dec 14, 2023.
    • [EXPIRED] Stage 2: Customers with missing bottles, expired accounts, gift cards, and non-wine items were able to repurchase for 21% of the value paid and apply it to bottles of wine. Stage 2 commenced on Dec 15, 2023 and concluded on Jan 23, 2024.
    • [ACTIVE] Stage 3: On January 24, 2024 all remaining bottles became available at liquidation prices. Anyone may purchase any amount of wine (shipping case prices still apply). Customers who purchased credits and have remaining balances may utilize them on bottles in Stage 3 provided they log back into their account prior to checkout.
  • Contact Information: First, please review our FAQ. Further questions or assistance - contact support@wineclaimsportal.com.